What is Push Video with Av-Tech IP Cameras?

Push Video series features powerful mobile surveillance, especially active event notification systems with video playback on iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other Android devices. Once our free mobile app, EagleEyes, is installed, you'll be able to receive notifications within 5 seconds right after the event occurrence, and to see what happened. Push Video series keeps an eye on the your properties and never gets asleep.

Compared with other common IP Cameras and DVRs Push Video series provides a more prompt notification service, and besides pre-alarm recording, including 3 seconds before the events happened, to get better control of your surveillance area.


Push Video IP Camera

Other IP Camera

Notification Methods

Instant Video Notification

Email / FTP


(Specific Model)

Event Recording

Pre-Alarm Recording 
(Record before the event)

Double Confirmation

 (Motion + PIR)

(Motion Only!)

Backup to mobile phones

(Eagle Eyes Plus)

  Compared with Push Video and Security System
Push Video reduces false alarms which always happens on security systems, and besides offers instant video notification to allow you to check the situation at once, and take action to minimize damage.
What’s more, Push Video protects your beloved family and house in a more cost-efficient and more accurate way.
Items Push Video Security System
Monthly Expense Internet Fee - NTD416 (12M/4M) At least NTD2,000
Notification methods Video notification within 5 seconds An abnormal event is detected by a sensor
Real-time Monitoring Via mobile app on smartphones or tablets No
Privacy Personal devices, account name and password It depends on the security guard you have
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