Viewing your Cameras from ANYWHERE

This stand alone DVR is designed for you to be able to view your cameras on any computer over your local area network, and over the Internet from a remote location.

You can watch your home from your business, or vice versa, or from any Internet computer anywhere in the world.

When you are at your business, you can see all your cameras from any computer on your local area network.

When you are at home you can see your cameras from either your large screen TV or from any other computer you have.

If you have a wireless router you can walk around your home or business and see your cameras anytime on your wireless notebook.

We Help you Set Up Remote Viewing

e will help you through the network set-ups you will need to go through, to achieve this remote accessing. We will show you how to deal with router programming, dynamic IP addressing, firewalls and internal IP addressing.

You will have telephone access to us, using our Toll Free line. We have procedure FAQ's to email you, and we have videos to send you.

We will be there to help you when you need us!!

Remote Viewing with 3G Mobile Phone

Access your Cameras on Your iPhone

Several iPhone Apps Available
Google: APlayer and Meye

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