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What is License Plate Recognition - LPR/ANPR

A person can expect to pay an average of $1,500 a camera to purchase a professional License Plate Recognition Camera.

Advances in chip design, production techniques and large production runs are bringing this technology into lower priced cameras very rapidly. We have LPR cameras starting at $79.95 now.

Still, at this price level, a person should keep their expectations modest.

Distance, lighting, speed of vehicle at the time, and what you are using to view the camera with (DVR, TV, Computer?)  are all factors that will impact your degree of success.

Ultimately, it will come down to how many pixels you have to work with. As an example, at 75 feet, using an 8mm lens setting, viewing an 18 inch by 9 inch license plate, with 6 letters and numbers on it, will most likely need 40 pixels to get letter and number definition and recognition.

The fact that this modestly priced camera may be suitable for a License Plate Recognition camera is a mark of its incredible price/value relationship, and makes it all the much more suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications where clarity, resolution and discernability are desired.

If License Plate recognition is the "main" reason you are considering this camera, please contact us so we can chat on the phone about your project, before you purchase, so we can help you choose the right LPR camera.

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Installing the camera in the front (Recommended):

Install the camera in the upper front of the vehicle as shown below.

Ensure to install the camera to meet the following conditions. In this way, the height of the captured plate characters would approximately fall between 30 and 35 pixels.

The captured image should be filled with a full width of the vehicle.

The distance between the vehicle and the camera should be within 5 to 50 meters(16 to 164 Feet) ; the camera height should be within 3 to 9 meters(9.8 to 30 Feet) ; the camera setup angle should be within 30 degrees.

Installing the camera on the side:

Install the camera in the side front of the vehicle as shown below. To avoid capturing unnecessary contents in the image, the camera should be installed in a higher position to capture the front part of the vehicle only. The camera setup angle should also be within 15 degrees.

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