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Digital WatchDog Infinity 960H Technology

A combination of power and image.

The Infinity 960H Series combines the powerful Infinity DSP technology and a 960H CCD image sensor to achieve up to 700TVL B/W, 650 TVL Color resolution and higher sensitivity than conventional CCTV cameras. The cameras utilize Star-Light, Electronic Wide Dynamic Range, and Digital Image Stabilizer.

Technology Main Features:

960H Resolution

960H Resolution offers 960 Horizontal Pixel lines in each line of resolution. The 960H resolution is commonly considered to be 960 (H) x 480 (W) TV lines and is 34% better than D1 resolution.

analog resolution

E-WDR (Electronic Wide Dynamic Range)

Enables the camera to capture clear images in the same frame, even when there are both very bright and very dark areas in the  same field.



HME (Highlight Masking Exposure)

The HME technology detects and masks any strong spots of light to produce a clear image of any environment. HME is particularly effective for reading license plates of cars in streets or parking lots at night.



3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)

The 3D-DNR technology provides clearer images using unique algorithms designed to reduce video noise. It cleans electronic noise signals that reduce the clarity of the image and effect motion detection settings with various recording technology.



DRC (Dynamic Range Compressor)

With the advanced light compensation technology DRC, dark spots in images become more visible without overexposing the bright spots to create one perfect image.


DRC on

DSS (Digital Slow Shutter)

Offers a slow shutter feature that increases the length of time the shutter remains open to collect additional light, illuminating typically dark environments.



True Day/ Night with IR Cut Filter (Supported Models Only)

To get a better image at night, the camera turns on IR cut filter glass when it detects a specific color data in the environment. When this occurs, the image will turn from Color to Black-and-White and vice-versa.


Programmable Privacy Zones

Masks overly exposed light to produce a true video image in any environment.



Smart IR

The breakdown of the video image into five (5) zones allows for an even distribution of the IR, which prevents excessive illumination of near-field reflective objects.

Smart IR

Smart IRon

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