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Warranties and Guaranteed Satisfaction Policies

DuncansOnline Two Year Warranty

The Best Surveillance Camera Warranty in the Marketplace!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - No Questions asked!

This page covers our General Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee. It applies to all of our products, unless stated otherwise in the individual item's description.

You have three days from the receipt of your item to contact us and arrange a return for a return for a full refund. Here are the details.

You must email us for a Return Authorization Number.

Parcel must be packed properly, and labelled correctly. We will send you detailed labelling and shipping instructions with your return authorization number.

Upon proper receipt of the returned item, we will issue you a full refund.

You are responsible for the return shipping costs, and insurance.

Naturally, it must be returned in "stellar" condition, with all parts, and the original packaging. Do not use the original packaging as an outer wrap. It must not have any or your writing or labels on it.

Your outgoing shipping and handling costs that brought the item to you may not covered under this guarantee.

However, if you elect for a store credit instead of a refund, then the outgoing shipping costs may be credited so you can apply them against your next purchase, either right away, or anytime in the future.

New Extended Two Year Warranty

All our items have now been upgraded to have a two year extended replacement warranty

If the item becomes defective, contact us within the warranty period and we will replace the item with an item of equal or greater functionality. Naturally, this is subject to non abuse (Occasionally Subject to some restrictions)

Customers must return items at their own cost and must obtain an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization Number) from us. The words "return for warranty repair" and the RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the package..

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