Nuuo 8ch 4bay NVRmini 2


Optional 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, or 16TB Hard Drive – 3 Year Warranty

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Three Year Extended Replacement Warranty

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NUUO NVRmini 2 is the lightweight, portable NVR solution with NAS functionality. Setup is simple and easy, with automatic port forwarding settings built in. NVRmini 2 supports POS integration, making this the perfect solution for small retail chain stores. NVRmini 2 also comes full equipped as a NAS, so you can enjoy the full storage benefits like easy hard drive hot-swapping and RAID functions for data protection. Choose NVR and know that your valuable video data is safe, always.

Titan NVR


  • Linux Embedded – free from PC crash and virus attack
  • High throughput for megapixel camera recording
  • Support multi-stream configueration for remote live view bandwidth control
  • Support camera two-way audio *1
  • Support mobile client for iPhone / iPad / Android
  • Panorama 360 degree PTZ (ImmerVision and VIVOTEK fisheye)
  • Generic dewarp (fisheye)
  • Web-based configuration, live viewer, playback (Recommend on IE 8,9, 10, Mac Safari and Windows Chrome) *2
  • RAID 0,1,5*,10 for maximum capacity or data protection
  • Support HDD S.M.A.R.T self-test
  • Support camera snapshot
  • Online GUI recording schedule
  • Support megapixel camera and H.264 compression format
  • Support H.265
  • Digital PTZ and multi-view
  • Real-time digital output, Email alert and push notification on mobile
  • Remote I/O solution and camera I/O integration
  • Up to 64CH remote live view with multiple monitors
  • Support joystick for easier camera control
  • Playback with 5 types of intelligent event search
  • Point of Sale (POS) *4
  • E-map with indicator
  • Event log click and play *5
  • Digital watermark
  • Auto port-forwarding
  • NTP server synchronization
  • Support 82 brands of IP cameras and 2000 models
  • Alarm source for NUUO Central Management System
  • Support 2nd stream record-dual record

*1 IE only
*2 Live view layout and stream profile may not be saved when next log in on Safari and Chrome.
*3. Only Can support RAID 5 using 1TB Enterprise level HDD
*4. POS configuration is availible on IE only.
*5. IE only

For more information, technical details, or hardware specifications, visit the manufacturer’s webpage or see the spec sheet.

Nuuo Success Story

Food RepFood Republic, a subsidiary of Singapore Bread Talk Group, is one of the most renowned food court chains in Asia. Dedicated in innovating the dining experience by appealing to all 5 senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, smell) and combining both local and international cuisine, Food Republic has won the Golden Brand Awards in Singapore, and expanded its business to more than 33 branches all over Asia.

In the second half of 2011, Food Republic expanded its business to Taiwan at BanChiao Mega City Mall and TaiChung Top City Mall. With the need to ensure the integrity of every transaction, and to monitor cashiers to avoid transaction disputes, Food Republic requested a solution to integrate POS with the video system. Food Republic requested as well to centrally monitor two branches and had concern for future expansion, thus a single platform for viewing multiple LAN networks is required. To fulfill these requirements, Food Republic chose IP solution (instead of the traditional analogue solution) with NUUO NVRmini2 as their recording and monitoring solution.

The new system allows Food Republic to overlay the POS transaction data onto the video, allowing a manager, who suspects problems with a transaction, to quickly search the corresponding video from multiple POS systems simultaneously by defining a key word. Since the video can be provided easily as evidence for investigation, the revenue shrinkage coming from the employee theft and the transaction disputes has obviously decreased.

In addition, even though Food Republic has branches in two different cities, NUUO free central monitoring client software Remote Live Viewer allows them to view all the videos on one client PC. Food Republic also intends to apply NUUO CMS in the future, when opening more branches and adding more cameras and servers.

Read more about this company’s experience with NUUO.

Feature Details

Component Description
Recording Server Recording Server is a NAS-based server which receives the streams from cameras. The main features are listed below.
Streams and records live video and audio from camera
Embedded Linux for high stability, more secure against virus attacks
Supports RAID 0, 1, 5*, 10 for maximum capacity of data protection
Web Viewer (Client) Web Viewer is the client to ask recording data from Recording Server. Remotely, users can connect to the recording server via web viewer (Internet Explorer. Windows Chrome and Mac Safari) to:
Configure the system
Monitor live video (up to 64 channels), and duplicate channel display with digital PTZ
Multiple camera streams to display
Playback recorded video (up to 16 channels)
Web viewer logs in to the Recording Server via 4 different user groups: administrator, power user, user, and guest. Each user group has its own distinctive privilege in system configuration, live view camera and playback camera.
Remote Live Viewer (Client) Remote Live Viewer application is used to monitor multiple NUUO servers (NVR, DVR, NDVR and NVRmini 2) simultaneously, featuring PTZ control, E-map and I/O panel. Dual monitor supports up to 128 channels, with 64 channels per monitor.
Remote Playback System (Client) Remote Playback application can play up to 16 channels of recording from any one of the NUUO servers (NVR, DVR, NDVR and NVRmini 2) simultaneously.
Remote Backup System Remote Backup application can be used to backup recording video and POS transaction remotely from NVRmini 2.
Other NUUO product supported NUUO CMS: Ultimate central monitoring solution for large scale projects and projects with multiple sites. Fully compatible with all NUUO Mainconsole family servers (NVR, DVR, NDVR and NVRmini 2).
POS: NUUO Point of Sale system works on NVRmini 2 by overlaying the transaction text from cash register onto the video image (liveview/ playback). All POS recordings are searchable.
Remote I/O Box: I/O signals of NUUO I/O Box are converted to Ethernet using our NUUO box converter, which enables NVRmini 2 to perform actions such as starting, recording when input triggered, triggering output as an event happened, and much more.


Compare Models of the NVRmini

Product Image 2-bay Tower
4-bay Tower
Model Name NE-2020 NE-2040 NE-4080 NE-4160
Maximum Number of Licenses 4 4 16 16
Base License 2 4 8 16
Recording Performance 40 Mbps 80 Mbps
Operating System Embedded Linux
Compression H.265, H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, MxPEG (depends on IP camera)
Remote Client Remote Live Viewer (Software), Remote Live Viewer (Web), iViewer (Mobile App)
Remote Client OS Windows XP (32-bit), Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
Mobile Client Platform iPhone, iPad, Android
HDD Bays 2 4
RAID Level 0,1 0,1,5,10
External Storage N/A DAS
Ethernet Port 1 x Gigabit Port, RJ-45 2 x Gigabit Port, RJ-45
External Ports 2 x USB 2.0 2 x USB 2.0, 2 x eSATA
Audio Two – way
Voltage 100-240V
Power Consumption 40W 90W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 140.0 x 109.8 x 219.0 mm 140.0 x 183.4 x 219.0 mm
Weight (without HDD) 2.12 kg (4.67lbs) 2.97 kg (6.55lbs)
Temperature Operating: 0C ~ 40C (32F ~ 104F)
Humidity Operating: 5% ~ 95%
Supported Languages English, Croation, Czech, Deutsch, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil) , Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish

*Only Can support RAID 5 using 1TB Enterprise level HDD

For more detailed information, view the spec sheet.

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