Nuuo Crystal Series 64ch 8bay Rackmount NVR


Optional 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, 16TB, 24TB, or 32TB Hard Drive, Hot-Swappable, Redundant Power – 3 Year Warranty

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Three Year Extended Replacement Warranty

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NUUO Crystal? is the product that represents the next stage in VMS evolution. Rock solid, easily manageable, with powerful recording and viewing options available. Featuring revolutionary modular system structure that is made to handle large project size, NUUO Crystal? is the ideal choice for your enterprise. Featuring technology that focuses on delivering stable video recording performance, recording failover, and 3rd party integration choice, you will be impressed with the stability and flexible options with NUUO Crystal?.

Crystal NVR


Server Highlights

  • System Navigator: centralized management for multi-sites; managing unlimited devices and events on unified NuClient
  • Diagnostic Service: retrieving important logs from server and client for troubleshooting
  • Linux based system
  • Records up to 64 megapixel cameras per Recording Server
  • High throughput: supporting up to 64 channels of 5-Megapixel cameras, 250~550Mbps(CT-8000R/CT-8000RP).
  • Recording failover (available in Ultimate)
  • Metadata Server for 3rd party integration ? POS and Access Control
  • Supports over 2000 camera models from more than 80 brands, and RTSP video stream

Enterprise Management

  • Built-in Management Server, Recording Server, Recording Failover Server and Metadata Server in one Crystal
  • Centralized I/O and event respond systems
  • Support NTP; Management Server can be a time server to make all system time consistent
  • Volume group to distribute cameras to assigned volumes
  • Individual Retention Condition (IRC) per device
  • PTZ control priority
  • Powerful authorization for device permission and function privilege


  • Support RAID 0,1, 5, and 10
  • Support redundant power (CT-8000RP)
  • Support hardware watchdog (CT-8000R and CT-8000RP) and software watchdog

Open Platform

  • ? ONVIF Profile compatible
  • Camera multiple stream support
  • Multiple codec support : H.264, MJPEG, MPEG4 and MxPEG

Value-added Benefits

  • ? Stream up to 256ch live viewing connections per server to multiple clients simultaneously
  • Camera edge motion detection
  • Support continuous, scheduled, event based and I/O based recording
  • Schedule-based and input-triggered boosting record
  • Schedule-based user management
  • Scheduled Backup video to FTP location
  • Watermark for video verification
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet ports

Client Highlights

  • Cross platform for Windows and Mac
  • All in one NuClient for remote configuring and viewing
  • Unlimited channels of live view and playback
  • Unlimited channels of NuMatrix Video Wall (available in Enterprise)

Enterprise Management

  • ? Centralized E-map
  • Centralized I/O Panel and Event Panel
  • Public and Private View/View profile for each user
  • View Tour to loop through selected Views
  • Advanced Intelligent Video Surveillance with counting filter and 8 types suveillance suite

Open Platform

  • Export video with 3rd party data overlay
  • Generic Fisheye Dewarp technology for all fisheye cameras
  • Panorama 360? PTZ – Immervision and fisheye camera
  • Support multiple stream profile
  • Auto-switch stream profile

Value-added Benefits

  • Support mobile client for iPhone / iPad / Android
  • NUUO Image Fusion Technology – stitch up to 10 cameras together
  • Layout Wizard – customized layout for viewing
  • Instant Playback on live view, e-map and event list
  • Twin Clients to support identical, full featured software client and web client
  • Support digital and optical PTZ
  • Support preset and patrol ? Save video clips into AVI, ASF and MOV
  • Intelligent Search in playback

External Supports

  • External storage through 3rd party DAS, iSCSI
    Support list:
  • Support third party Point of Sale(POS), Access Control and License Plate Recognition
  • Support up to 256 NUUO I/O boxes per server (A08)
  • Support APC Uninterrupted Power Supply (Smart-UPS 750 VA / APC Back-UPS 500 ES / APC
  • Smart UPS 1500 / APC Smart UPS 3000

For more information, technical details, or hardware specifications, visit the manufacturer’s webpage or see the spec sheet.

Nuuo Success Story

Japanese Chemical Fiber Company Improves Data Center Performance with NUUO Crystal?

Chemical Fiber CompanyA?leading Japanese chemical fiber company was looking to upgrade their video recording systems in their data center building. The company has installed 120 surveillance cameras in key business areas such as server rooms, corridors, and parking lots for security. Video images are transmitted to the control center for real-time monitoring and also stored in network video recorders to allow for rapid access and search in the future. As the old recording system became obsolete and unable to fulfill the company’s growing needs, the company needed a solution featuring high performance and scalability.

One of the major considerations for the new recording system is high integration with the existing surveillance system. Support for a large number of channels and comprehensive management functions are also important requirements to meet the company’s needs for centralized recording and management. After comparing a variety of video recording systems, the company has decided to replace the existing recording system with NUUO Crystal?.

Three NUUO Crystal? NVRs have been installed in the offices of the client’s data center building to store image data from 120 cameras. Each NUUO Crystal? can record up to 64 megapixel footage at a remarkable recording throughput of 250 Mbps. Through the integrated interface which supports Japanese language, the client is able to manage recordings and camera settings centrally while performing many other advanced functions. The client is also impressed by NUUO Crystal?’s support for an unlimited number of video walls and video displays with up to 100 channels per monitor, allowing them to record and manage 120 channels simultaneously with ease.

After installing NUUO Crystal?, the client is able to manage a large amount of video data in a more efficient and cost-effective way. The client is very pleased with the results and is planning to introduce more NUUO systems to their new offices in the years to come.

Read more about this company’s experience with NUUO.

More videos in the video gallery.

Feature Details

Management Server Unlimited Management Options under a single NuClient
NUUO Crystal??Management Server maximizes management efficiency and transparency by allowing the configuring and viewing of an unlimited number of devices, users, and licenses under one unified interface: NuClient.
? Centralized device management
? Centralized user management
? Network Time Protocol (NTP) synchronization — WAN and LAN
Recording Server Megapixel Recording Powerhouse — File Ring and Volume Group
NUUO’s leading technology, File Ring boosts recording throughput up to 250 Mbps for a single volume. This is also the NUUO Volume Group mechanism for managing volume load balance, which can further boost throughput and increase disk service life.
? Recording load distribution- volume group
? Independent retention condition per device- IRC
? Boosting record — event and schedule triggered
Metadata Server Plugin Modularized third party support
The Metadata Plugin Pack makes integration fast and flexible. Third party devices such as Access Control and Point of Sale (POS) can be enabled by simply upgrading the plugin. No more wait for server function upgrade.
? 3rd party plugin pack for modualized integration
? Metadata line by line playback
? Metadata customized event and search
NuClient and NuMatrix Unlimited Viewing Capability?
NuMatrix(Enterprise Level) – a function available at enterprise license level, is the perfect solution for viewing unlimited number of video displays. As simple as to use the NuClient, users can access viewing functions such as View, multiple stream profiles, PTZ,?NUUO Crystal??layout manager, and fisheye dewarp
?Cross platform for Mac and Windows
?Video Wall — NuMatrix (Enterprise level)
?Generic Fisheye Dewarp
?Image Fusion — video stitch for panorama view
?Customized layout wizard

Compare Models of the Crystal NVR

Model NUUO Crystal?
Product Image
CPU Intel D525 (1.8GHz) Intel D525 (1.8GHz) Intel i5-2400(3.1GHz)
Model Name CT- 4000 CT- 4000R CT- 8000R CT- 8000RP
Type Tower Rack-mount 1U Rack-mount 2U Rack-mount 2U with redundant power
Max camera license 64 ch per server
License Type Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate / Metadata channel**
Server O/S Linux based
Video Compression H.264, MPEG4, MJPEG, MxPEG
Recording Performance 250 Mbps (MAX), 150 Mbps (OPTIMAL) * 250 Mbps(1 Volume Group)
400 Mbps (2 Volume Groups)
550 Mbps (3 Volume Groups)
Removable HDD Trays 4x SATA II 8x SATA II
HDD Support 8TB per drive (Max 4 drives) 8TB per drive (Max 8 drives)
RAID 0, 1, 5, 10
External Storage DAS, iSCSI ( for details)
External Ports 6 x USB 2.0 (for mouse, UPS);
1 x eSATA (for DAS)
4 x USB 2.0 (for mouse, UPS);
1 x eSATA (for DAS)
2 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0,
1 x eSATA (for DAS)
Ethernet (NIC) 2 x Gigabit Port, RJ45
Voltage 100-240V
Power Consumption Full loading:50W, Max: 250W Full loading: 150W, Max: 500W Full loading: 160W,
Max: 500W
(Redundant Power)
Dimension (HxWxD) 212 x 200 x 318 mm 45 x 447 x 429 mm 88 x 447 x 583 mm 88 x 447 x 583 mm
Weight (without HDD) 5.3 kg (11.7lbs) 6.0 kg (13.2lbs) 11.4 kg (25.1lbs) 13.2 kg (29.1lbs)
Temperature 0?C ~ 40?C (32?F ~ 104?F)
Humidity 5% ~ 95%
Supported Language (17) Czech, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), English, Finnish, French, Germany, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese(Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
*Max recording throughput (250 Mbps): Approx. 64ch 5-Megapixel H.264 cameras at 10 fps when server is streaming out 16 channels of live video without playback.
*Optimal recording throughput (150 Mbps): Approx. 64ch 2-Megapixel H.264 cameras at 15 fps when server is streaming out 128 channels of live video and 16 channel playback.
**Ultimate, Enterprise and Professional licenses are not compatible with each other. Only 1 type of license can be installed onto a single management server
***Refer to the NUUO web site for hard drive compatibility list (

For more detailed information

See the spec sheet.

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