Nuuo Enterprise Titan 4ch 8bay Rackmount Redundant Power NVR


Optional 4TB, 8TB, 12TB, 16TB, 24TB, or 32TB HDD – 3 Year Warranty

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Three Year Extended Replacement Warranty

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Titan NVR is a Linux embedded enterprise solution for large single site or multi-site deployments. It utilizes File Ring recording engine, which is optimized for storing and retrieving a large amount of megapixel video data. Titan is a true cross-platform system which supports over 82 brands of IP manufacturers and over 1,967 camera models (Device pack 2.14) of IP/Megapixel cameras. Its client (NuClient) can run on both Mac and Windows platforms. Users can centrally manage multiple servers, clients and cameras from anywhere through both software client and web client.

Titan NVR

Server Highlights

  • Linux Embedded
  • Supports 82 brands of IP manufacturers and over 1,967 camera models (Device pack 2.14) ( for details)
  • ONVIF compatible
  • Record up to 64 megapixel cameras (through license upgrade)
  • High throughput (250Mbps) supporting up to 64x 5-Megapixel cameras (based on H.264, 10   fps, moderate traffic)
  • Support up to 10 Megapixel single camera
  • NUUO Command Chain Technology – Synchronize user accounts across 100 servers through a single server instantly
  • Centralized I/O and event respond systems
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Camera Dual (2nd) Stream support ( for details)
  • Stream up to 256 camera connections to multiple clients simultaneously for Live View.
  • Scheduled Backup to FTP location
  • Support continuous, scheduled, event based and I/O based recording
  • Synchronized audio and video recording
  • Automatically syncronize time with NTP server

Client Highlights

  • Manage up to 100 servers, 400 channels live view and 100 channels playback simultaneously.
  • NUUO Image Fusion Technology – stitch up to 10 cameras together to form a consecutive single view for easier viewing ( for details)
  • NUUO fisheye camera dewarp
  • Panorama 360° PTZ─ Immervision and VIVOTEK fisheye camera
  • Digital and Optical PTZ
  • Support Patrol (Camera preset group)
  • Support Stream Profile for remote live view bandwidth control (Original / 300 kbps / 100 kbps)
  • Auto and simutaneously switch stream profile
  • Remote server configuration
  • Centralized E-map
  • Centralized I/O Panel and Events Panel
  • Public View and Private View for each user
  • View Tour to loop through selected Views
  • Instant Playback
  • Save video clips into AVI, ASF and MOV
  • Intelligent Search in playback to quickly find the subject of interest
  • Twin Clients to support identical, full featured software client and web client

For more information, technical details, or hardware specifications, visit the manufacturer’s webpage.

Nuuo Success Story

Delhaize GroupFounded in Belgium in 1867, the Delhaize Group is a food retailer active in three regions globally: Europe, North America, and Asia. Operating food supermarkets is their core business and they presently have nearly 3,000 stores in eight countries.

Expanding its stores and operating under a variety of brand names, the Belgium retailer has recently inaugurated three new stores inits home country. They required a surveillance system which is easy to install and delivers high quality images. To respond immediately to these requirements, Autosoft Security, the system integrator, installed one Titan NVR (NT-4040) in each of the three stores. In total, 46 IP cameras have been installed and every site carries out local recording using 1.3 Megapixels as the recording resolution.

As the manager of Delhaize, Dirk Boeren, states: “With NUUO Titan NVR, we can easily find what we are looking for in the recorded videos. Plus, we don’t need special training to use this recorder and the images are in high quality.” Indeed, by utilizing the ‘search’ function on the playback interface, store managers can rapidly find what they need. An ease-of-use interface is crucial since retailers may not have the time to manage a complicated surveillance solution. For this purpose, Titan NVR delivers the foremost user-friendly interface with no right clicks and no functions hidden.

Read more about this company’s experience with NUUO.

Feature Details

Model JFNT4040
Server Description
Linux Embedded Stable, reliable and virus free.
High Recording Throughput (250Mbps) NUUO Titan NVR utilizes a redefined recording engine named File Ring. File Ring was engineered from scratch to handle high megapixel recordings by changing the way hard drives store and retrieve video data. It can process large amount of data throughput boosting Titan’s recording performance to 64CH 5 – Megapixel cameras
* Please check NUUO Calculator on
NUUO Command Chain Technology Synchronize user accounts and critical events across 100 servers, 400 channel live views and 100 channel playback simultaneously.
Camera Support (ONVIF Compatible) Titan supports 82 brands of IP manufacturers and over 1,967 camera models (Device pack 2.14) . It provides the highest flexibility in camera selection to best meet each project’s specific needs. The camera support list is updated every month. ( for details).
LiveView Spot-out
(Local Display)
Titan support maximum of 16CH(NT-8040R/ NT-8040RP) or 4CH(NT-4040/NT-4040R) VGA spot out. Through view tour, it can connect 64CH video and display 16/4 CH each view.
* NT-4040/NT-4040R: Support 4CH local display in D1, 25 FPS, with 64CH record and 30CH LiveView simultaneously.
* NT-8040R/NT-8040RP: Support 16CH local display in D1, 30 FPS, with 64CH record and 128CH LiveView simultaneously.
Please check NUUO spec sheet for more detail.
Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports Titan server hardware is equipped with 2x gigabit ports. User can separate the recording stream from viewing stream to ensure the cleanest recording pipeline.
Camera Dual (2nd) Stream support User who suffers from remote bandwidth bottleneck can utilize Titan’s Dual Stream function. It supports multiple streams from the camera to allow high resolution recording and low bandwidth remote view. ( for supported cameras).
Centralized I/O and event respond systems Titan supports 4 different external events and 3 system events. External events include camera motion, camera signal lost, camera input trigger and I/O box input trigger. User can be instantly notified of these events through NuClient, Email and special outputs such as siren.
Scheduled Backup Automatically back up the recorded file through FTP to another storage device locally or remotely.
Client (NuClient) Description
Cross Platform NuClient support both Windows and MAC OS.
NUUO Image Fusion Technology User can manipulate the camera image as desired to create the best viewing angle for each camera or stitch up to 10 cameras together to form a consecutive single view for easier viewing.
Centralized Management Manage up to 100 servers, 400 channels live view and 100 channels playback simutanoeously per client to manage different devices from Titan main- sub servers structure. It includes:
• Centralized view: Show videos from up to 100 servers.
• Centralized E-map: View multiple devices (Server, camera, and I/O) on one
single E-Map to easily find and track device location.
• Centralized I/O Panel: Manage all I/O devices on one I/O panel.
• Centralized Event Panel: View and search all event on one event panel.
Intuituve E-Map Support multiple layer of E-Map. User can drag and drop cameras and I/O from different servers onto the same map. Furthermore, icon indicator will change status when event happened and instant playback video will popup via double click.
Dual Stream Support Remote live view bandwidth control (Original / 300 kbps / 100 kbps). User can freely choose the desired streaming profile based on the bandwidth available.
Panarama 360° PTZ Support Immervision lens and VIVOTEK fisheye cameras.
Remote Server Configuration User can remotely configure Titan server through the web client without being physically at the server.
View, View Group and View Tour Titan NVR support public view for all user and private view for each user. User can freely access Public View or setup its own customized view list for private access.
It also support View Tour to loop through different selected Views.
Mobile App NUUO iViewer is a free mobile app that allows you to view video from your NUUO surveillance systems. User can take a snapshot, control physical/ digital PTZ and digital input and output devices. For more information, please search “NUUO” at Apple Store or Android Market.
Twin Clients Software client and web client are 100% identical in control and functions. User can access Titan anywhere through browser without having to install the client software.
External Description
External Storage Support through 3rd party DAS, iSCSi
I/O box Support up to 256 NUUO I/O boxes (SCB-C24/C26/C28).
APC Support APC Uninterrupted Power Supply – Smart-UPS 750 VA / APC Back-UPS 500 ES / APC Smart UPS 1500 / APC Smart UPS 3000 ( for details).

Compare Models of the Titan NVR
For more detailed information, view the spec sheet.

Product Image Tower Rack-mount 1U
Rack-mount 2U
Part Number Server NT- 4040 NT- 4040R NT- 8040R NT- 8040RP
CPU Model Intel® Atom™ processor D525 (1M Cache, 1.80 GHz) Intel® Core™ i5-2400 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.40 GHz)
Max IP License(through upgrade) 64
Base IP License (included in server) 4
Recording Performance 250 Mbps (MAX), 150 Mbps (OPTIMAL) * 250 Mbps
Removable HDD Trays 4x SATA II 8x SATA II
HDD Support 3TB per drive (Max 4 drives) 3TB per drive (Max 8 drives)
External Ports 6 x USB 2.0 (for mouse, UPS); 1 x eSATA (for DAS) 2 x USB3.0, 2 x USB2.0, 1 x eSATA (for DAS)
Ethernet (NIC) 2x Gigabits Ports
Voltage 100-240V
Power Consumption 200W 400W 400W (Redundant Power)
Dimension (HxWxD) 210 x 200 x 320 mm 44.5 x 441 x 428.8 mm 88 x482 x 583 mm
Weight (without HDD) 5.5 kg (12.13lbs) 6.235 kg (13.75lbs) 10.6 kg (23.37lbs)
LiveView spot-out
(Local display)
4CH local display in D1, 25 FPS 16CH local display in D1, 30 FPS
*Max recording throughput (250 Mbps): Approx. 64ch 5-Megapixel H.264 cameras at 10 fps when server is streaming out 16 channels of live video without playback.
*Optimal recording throughput (150 Mbps): Approx. 64ch 2-Megapixel H.264 cameras at 15 fps when server is streaming out 128 channels of live video and 16 channel playback.

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